Mud Dog Parade – TWO w Guest Richie Stearns 7/18/2013

July 23, 2013

After opening up the Grassroots Festival –as he does every year– with his band Bubba George, local music legend Richie Stearns came by Studio A for a lovely session of tunes straight from the heart. He also treated us to some amazing debut tracks from his forthcoming self-release with band Mud Dog Parade. In addition to Richie’s banjo, the group features Rosie Newton on fiddle, Jim Miller on guitar, and Jed Greenberg on bass. All sing leads and additional vocals. Super excited to hear more tasty, countrified nugs when Mud Dog Parade’s cd drops. Richie’s songs are in red.

  1. Dear Someone – Gillian Welch
  2. #1 Party Boy – Greg Schatz
  3. Wedding Day – Alex McMurray
  4. When Night Come (debut ) – Mud Dog Parade (Black Keys – Richie)
  5. The Dreadful Snake (debut ) – Mud Dog Parade (traditional Rosie)
  6. Your DJs speak
  7. Down Home Girl – Alvin Robinson
  8. Strange Fruit – Jeff Buckley
  9. I Can’t See Nobody – Nina Simone
  10. Hallelujah – Cole Stearns
  11. Canada Dry – The Geraniums
  12. These Days – Jackson Brown (live ~2005)
  13. Your DJs speak
  14. Together Forever – The Sun Bears
  15. Don’t Let Me Go – The Pines
  16. Needle in the Hay – Elliot Smith
  17. I Think I Need a New Heart – Magnetic Fields
  18. Rainbow mid the Willows (debut ) –  Mud Dog Parade (Jim Miller)
  19. A New False Heart (debut ) – Mud Dog Parade (Jed Greenberg)
  20. Your DJs speak
  21. Soon-to-be Innocent Fun – Let’s See – Arthur Russel
  22. Can’t Fail Me Now – Bonnie Raitt
  23. I Must Be in a Good Place – Bobby Charles
  24. Silver Stallion – Cat Power
  25. Sadie – Joanna Newsom
  26. When the Hellicopters Come – Handsome Family
  27. Your DJs speak












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